In addition to historical artifacts, the Reselets Village region is rich in natural sites which make it one of the most beautiful villages in the municipality. The nature is most impressive here. There are various caves and locations which are interesting for tourists. Propadaloto natural phenomenon is also an attractive sight representing tectonic ridge situated at 1 km from the village, in Kaleto area. This region is approximately 250 m long, 30-40 m wide, with a flop of some 30 m. It is surrounded on all sides by vertical rocks and can only be accessed via path running between them. ì This is one of the very few places in Bulgaria inhabited by scorpions.
Given its unique climate – conducive to the development of balneo tourism - Reselets Village is a natural tourist center of the municipality.

May protected natural sites are situated on the territory of Reselets Village:
- Kupenite rock formation
- Skalni Kukli rock formation – "The Sphinx - The Gate – The Lump – The Castle – The Rooster”
- Kuklite rock formation in Uleya area
- “Kaleto Tectonic Ridge”
- Skoka waterfall on Belilkata River
- St. George Church – built in 1893 and decorated in 1894 by Macedonian mural painters.
- Trollius field in Shtraka area
- Black poplar in Orehov Dol area
- Summer oak in Studenents area
- Summer oak in Sredna Laka area.

Kaleto Tectonic Ridge is part of protected zones BG0000332 Karlukovski Karst BG0001014 Karlukovo included in the EU-wide network of nature protection areas NATURA 2000 pursuant to EU legislation. It covers area of 57,4 ha. The zone includes part of Reselets Village territory, Cherven Bryag Municipality, and was declared by Order ¹ 703/07.04.1961.

The region is an important nesting habitat for many petrophyllic bird species. 128 bird species are found in protected zones, of those 25 are included in Bulgarian Red Book (1985). 57 species are of European importance (SPEC) (BirdLife International, 2004). 2 species are included in the word endangered category SPEC1, 18 species - in the European endangered category SPEC2, and 37 species – in SPEC3. The location provides suitable habitat for 41 species listed in annex 2 to the Biodiversity Act and requiring special protection measures. Of those, 37 are listed in annex ² of EU Directive 79/409. The region is one of the most important habitats in Bulgaria and in the European Union for Buteo rufinus, Accipiter brevipes, owl, Pernis apivorus, Alcedo atthis and Sylvia nisoria, all of which nest here in numbers. The location is of European importance also for Falco tinnunculus, which is present in great numbers there. Karlukovski Karst protected zone hosts representative for Bulgaria nesting populations of Anthus campestris, black and white storks. Two world endangered species are present typically in the region – Crex crex which nets there, and the small cormorant - in the migration period. Two species of land turtles can be seen there: Testudo graeca and Testudo hermanni.

Total 16 natural sights, one of these being Kaleto Tectonic Ridge - Reselets Village, and one protected zone are included in the Karlukovski Karst territory, most of them protected caves and rock formations. Nearly 67% of the area overlaps with KORINE declared in 1998 due to its European importance for protection of rare and endangered habitats, plants and animals, including birds. In 2005 BirdLife International declared the territory an Ornithological Important Location.

Reselets Village area is of interest to students and faculty of the Department of Biology at St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia. The rich biodiversity and the variety of biotopes are very suitable for summer practical training of students which have been conducted in the region for 30 years now




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