Diplomat Plaza Hotel, Lukovit – the first four-star thematic hotel in Bulgaria. Situated in the center of Lukovit, at only 1 hour drive from Sofia, on main road Å-83 Sofia - Ruse. All year round the guest can admire the nearby picturesque Iskar Gorge and the surroundings.

Amigos Hotel, Lukovit – situated near the town center, at 15 min walk from any point of the town. Very suitable location allowing quick access to local sights.

National Cave Hut, Karlukovo Village – built on limestone rock in Kaleto area, at 12 km from Lukovit and at 2 km from Karlukovo railway station on Sofia – Mezdra – Varna Rail Line, in Iskar Gorge. Hut location and position give the impression of being in the clouds. A path running from the Cave Hut leads to the big cave entrance. The building location is unique – it was built in a rock fissure and, seen from above, resembles a bat. Some of the walls use the natural rocks. The Cave Hut provides a view to Iskar River valley and to Prohodna Cave.

Tachev Hotel, Cherven Bryag – three-star hotel situated in Cherven Bryag.


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